October 2009

Hello, here’s an update about what’s going on recently. I went to court last year. My motion was turned down. I came back to hell hole. I had to take up daily life.
This prison is turning crazier every day. Gangs growing. A lot of fights, stabbings and more stealing. The guys are so young, hard headed, and difficult to talk to. They won’t listen. I stay to myself more and more.
The 20th of November I will be 54 years old and still in prison. I do give thanks to God for allowing me to see this day and for keeping me safe. Yet, being locked up all these years hasn’t been easy. Being lonely isn’t a good feeling at all. There are passing days, weeks without mail. There’s no one to feel close to.

A few weeks ago I accidently discovered that I’ve illegally been in prison for 33 years. This goes back to the first day of my arrest. The police officer had given an affidavit to a judge in order to get the judge to issue an arrest warrant for my arrest. This is illegal, because he swore that he knew to the best of his knowledge that I had committed these crimes. How did he know? Was he there? Who told him? Where did he get this information? He never gave the judge any answer to those questions. So, that makes the warrant for my arrest illegal, my trial illegal, conviction illegal, sentence to death illegal, being held in prison now illegal.
I hope that my lawyers will take up my case again and fight for my freedom and to clear my name because my fourth amendment rights had been violated totally.
Just imagine, state of Georgia tried to execute me, set dates for me to be executed, only because of my illegal arrest.
My life is taken away from me all these years by police, judges, D.A’s. All above the law. No one will go to prison, no one will say “I’m sorry”. They don’t give a damn at all. It’s just a game to them. Political game and I’m just a pawn in the games they play. The prison is just a business to make money out of inmates, out of their families, friends, who ever. They don’t care, except for the money.
Life, what’s life really about? Nothing seems real anymore. Everything is artificial, a delusion. This is a fucked up world and life. So I just got to be real. Have to keep staying strong. Survive the best I can. What else is there?

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