August 2008

Here, in the belly of the beast it is hot. Sweating day and night. Right now the prison is cutting back on everything. Less food, cutting back on soap and toothpaste from once a week to once every two weeks, one razor a week, one roll of toiletries a week, deodorant once a month. A prison soap doesn’t last 3 days. It’s a small bar, small tooth paste as well.
Now there are 2 men at a cell here, 8 men sleeping in the TV-room. The Georgia-prisons are over crowded. They don’t release anybody. Just pack them all in. It’s a business now, making money of inmates, charge inmates $ 5.00 each time for medical and dentist. Disciplinarians $ 4.00, also store prices raised.
A phone call is high as hell. When you first come to prison they take $ 1.00 each month.
So cutting back on everything, yet they say that they have no money. Accept cookouts for the officers, new ice boxes for them, etc.
This prison is close security; less movements, less things to do. They want to destroy your spiritually and mentally. They do succeed in it with a lot of guys; some turn gay, some lose mind, some care about nothing anymore. Lose faith, even in themselves. I’m still that wild lion which they can’t tame. A black warrior who’s awake each morning, ready for the battle again.
Pen pals help so much; they take you outside these walls, give you something to look forward to. Someone to talk to, share laughs with.
Life is still true hell in prison, where no one should ever want to come. Easy to get here into the belly of the beast but truly hell trying to get out. This is hell on earth, the more when you are innocent!

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