November 2014

The extra ordinary motion for a new trial on new discovered evidence has been pending in superior court since 2010. Last hearing was May 2011. The Judge has retired in 2013. On February 2014 chief Judge in Columbus Georgia, reassigned my case back to retired Judge John D. Allen to see my case through and to rule. He hasn't done so. I had put faith in Judge Allen because he seemed to see through the facts, saw an innocent man in his court room, wanting to undo injustice. I fear that he too was gotten made to back off of my case. Cases less than mine, do get a break. Not me. Life without parole is truly cruelty. Having to spend the rest of your life here..., it's a hell hole. Nothing to look forward to but death. Many times I say 'fuck life, I'm ready to die, for what am I living for?'
You get nothing, not even family.

Slavery is alive and well in Georgia prison system. You get punished for being late for detail with a fine and hole time, loss of visitation, even refuse to go to detail is punished. Yet they refuse to pay inmates. Georgia and the Southern states have and keep long numbers of prisoners. The state has them working for free and get paid by companies for their slave labory. It's good business to have people like me. They want us to lay down behave, be good boys. I won't lay down. I will fight till the day I die. hat more can they do to me? Kill me, hell bring it on. I won't be said, nor fear it.

Life doesn't seem real to me. Life is teaching us to be heartless. I don't even cry or shed a tear anymore. I didn't cry on my brothers' death, aunts, uncles, nephews or nieces. It doesn't hurt anymore inside me. Nothing seems real anymore.

Within two years all level 5 prisons in Georgia will be '23 and 1'-lock down camps. So, locked in your cell 23 hours a day. People as myself, no-trouble makers, will be locked down too, because of life without parole sentence. They can't make money of us. So, locked down, because you are not good for a damn thing. All about that money. In a couple of days I turn 59 years old. Almost 38 years in prison. A long damn time for sure. What's next?? No one truly cares in the world...


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