May 2010

Another day in the belly of the beast of this southern Georgia prison. I’m still waking up each morning with a strong will to fight for my freedom. I just mailed to Columbus GA Superior Court my legal motions and briefs, hoping the Court will give me another day in court.
There’s no such thing as justice. Not in this country, nor in the world. It is one of human greater mythic words. If you think it’s not, then you tell John the Baptist, tell Jesus Christ, tell the black man, black people. You hear of terrible crimes in the world (what a tragedy). The world doesn’t know that black Americans are essentially people of tragedy. Tragedy, irony and paradox have been the core of our existence. It’s impossible for white Americans to see black men in a tragic light.

Black men have always been seen as guilty of any crime, especially crimes against whites.
In the 90’s a white female screamed that a black man carjacked her car with her two children inside. A white mob went looking for black males, dragging blacks out of cars, homes, etc. It was a hoax. She drove her car into a lake killing her children.
A white male called the police saying his pregnant wife was shot and killed by a black man. A mob gathered, blacks were dragged from homes, cars, off the streets, beaten, etc. Another hoax. The husband killed his wife and shot himself. These two examples of many, just in the 90’s. Black man is accused, just by word or mouth.
In prisons, there are so many innocent people of every race, but black men outnumber all others. That’s my word. Justice fakes illusion of reality.

I was arrested in 1972 with an illegal arrest warrant. The indictments were not legal. Evidence, that was in my favour was destroyed and suppressed. All the courts never step into undoing the wrong. Of course not, it was a black man charged and sentenced to death. In their eyes, everything was right. Just kill the nigger. Has it been a white charge with this crime, he would have gotten off death row by a new trial. If it’s been a white crime against black, he would have been found not guilty. In case found guilty, on appeal he would have been found not guilty or got a mistrial. That’s the white men’s justice. Even the defence lawyers won’t touch, nor challenge it. If you say, you see blacks set free, after doing 10, 20, 30, 40 years in prison... Yes, in most cases white fearless college students take up the case as a class project. You call that justice? It is not. A man spent 30 years on death row in a southern state; only when a prosecution attorney was about to die from cancer confessed of the suppressed evident that proved a black man was not guilty. That’s justice?

Justice... myth to fight against, like the dummy the whites see me as. It would be even more of a tragedy for me to be as so many blacks have been taught; to be happy and be a good nigger. The belly of the beast won’t kill me nor destroy me. I’m above all that you throw at me. I refuse to be your slave, you have turned blacks against blacks, turned families against their owns’. But this man here can stand alone, sees through the myths, fake illusion you depicted. I won’t cut down or down size every black man or boy. They depicted him as a child or of pathos. This one man knows the fundamental truth is always one big white lie.

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